Parent Testimonials

"As a mother you always want and expect the best for your children. As a mother when you search for Daycare/Learning facilities you have certain criteria for your child/children. In searching for a place I could take my daughters, I interviewed and toured facilities for them to go and came to the conclusion that Carmella’s Kids Learning Center was the right fit for my girls. They have been at Carmella’s Kids since they were 1. Carmella has offered them so much. Her Learning Center prepared them for starting school. She and her staff worked with them to get them mentally, physically and emotionally ready to start Pre-k. Today they are First Graders and they love being in school. They have excelled in the classroom and are above their grade level in reading, writing and math. Furthermore, Carmella and her staff gave them a whole new experience with their “Nationally” known Gymnastics program. My daughters started the Twister’s developmental/recreational gymnastics program at the age of 2 and through their love for the sport moved on to the competitive program at age 4. They are currently competing in the Level 4 Gymnastics Program. In opening this door for them they have learned physical fitness, healthy eating habits, they have learned sportsmanship, and have made a ton of friends. Each year Carmella pairs a younger gymnast with an older gymnast for the big sister / little sister program. Don’t worry! The Boys have the same program! This program is amazing for the kids. The younger girls look up to the older girls, and the older girls give them support and helpful hints for their meets. My daughter’s happiness and health are the most important things I can give them (and do for them). My daughters have excelled on and off the mat because of Carmella, Fran and their friendly staff. I could not have made a better choice in sending my children to Carmella to be taken care of!!"
- Amanda Cropper (Mother of Mia & Kloe Cropper)

"Carmella’s is an unbelievable place. I have never been comfortable with daycare centers, they also seemed so impersonal to me. However, the moment I stepped foot into Carmella’s my view quickly changed. The staff is beyond amazing and has done wonders with my son. He now enjoys going to school and I feel comfortable leaving him in their very capable hands. He has made drastic improvement in his behavior and does not even realize he is learning most days. Not to mention, they have a gym next door and offer gymnastics classes. My son LOVES his classes and we actually added more to his schedule. I could not ask for a better daycare center!! My only regret is not finding Carmella’s sooner."
- April Taylor

"I have two girls who attend twisters, My little one loves to go to daycare everyday, and her teachers are so kind and great with the kids , I am at ease with leaving her there for the day. My older daughter is on team in gymnastics and thanks to all her coaches , she has learned and excelled in such a short period, Thanks to all the staff at Twister gym and daycare . Keep up the wonderful work."
- Christina Pellenbarg

"My daughter could not do a jumping jack when she took her first recreational class at Twisters. It's now 5 years later and she has thrived from the experiences she has had at the gym. She is a part of the competitive team now. She has learned about commitment, teamwork and fitness. She is confident and happy and I can say that alot of that has come from her experience at Twisters and with Miss Carmella as a coach."
- Jen Guard

"After adopting our two sons from Russia, we looked for something that would help give our boys confidence and discipline. We stumbled upon Twisters and the boys gymnastics program. Our boys are thriving, the gymnastics program at Twisters has not only turned our boys into wonderful gymnasts but it is also giving them the tools to become wonderful young men. They love gymnastics and their coach Miss Fran..."
- Dr. Richard and Sharon Simons

"We have been sending our kids to Carmella's for a few years now. Her hours make it very favorable to working parents especially when schools are opening late or closed."
- Corrie Boger

"Before moving to the area, my daughter had participated in recreational gymnastics in Baltimore County, MD for several years. When we moved here, we enrolled her in the developmental program at Twisters where she attends once a week for 2 hrs. I’ve seen a great improvement in her skills and gymnastic abilities since she has been going to Twisters. She really enjoys the program and the variety of equipment offered in the gym. The group sizes are nice so that all the girls have a good amount of time on the equipment and there are many different levels, times and degrees of commitment available depending on what fits everyone’s schedule and background. The coaches do a great job motivating the boys and girls and I feel it is a great opportunity for the kids to stay active while building friendships and learning new skills."
- Trisha Kaufman

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